Advanced Level ESL Process Essay Curriculum



Welcome to the lesson on Process Essays for English for Academic Purposes. Process essays are usually the first essays that new college students write in their composition courses and are also known as "instructional essays" or "how-to essays".  This lesson will guide you through the steps of writing a process essay and creating a digital story as a visual representation of your work.  At the end of the lesson, you will have completed two products: your composition and the digital story.


Lesson Plan


Assignment: Complete these steps to create your essay and digital story:


Assignment Part 1

Assignment Part 2

Assignment Part 3

Assignment Part 4                                                                             


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Please view the Evaluation Rubric for your final product:


Evaluation Rubric



You will find an example of a digital story explaining a process here. Once you are finished with your project you will post your final product to this page.


Sample Student Work


Additional Resources: 


Academic Writing (Dartmouth)


Digital Storytelling Cookbook