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Assignment Part 3

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Step 3: Select a Topic/Brainstorm and Draft


Click on the link below to select a topic that you will use for your composition. Email me your choice.


Additional Process Essay Topics



 Now that you have selected at topic, keep in mind the following questions when brainstorming ideas and thoughts to include in your essay:


Why is it important to know how to do this?
What are the steps in the process?
What dangers are there if you don’t do it correctly?
Can anyone do this? Is it easy or difficult to do?


Choose a graphic organizer to put in your ideas (you can also use the one in Part 1).




Please complete your draft and bring it to class for peer editing before moving on to Part 4. Once your essay has been peer edited, you can use one of these sites to help proofread your final essay.


SpellCheckPlus is an online grammar checking website. It checks for grammatical mistakes of a content. Here are some features of SpellCheckPlus:

  • Online spelling and grammar checking

  • Free web-based service

  • Quick content checking


PaperRater is a free web-based service for online content proofreading including:

  • Grammar checking
  • Online text proofreading
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Provides writing suggestions 
  • Online vocabulary builder tool
  • Provides detailed report about content quality

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